Ask Morah

Who are the Munckins, Teenagers and Old Ladies? And will there be Senior Citizens?

  • Munchkins – youngest bunk made up of boy and girl campers entering Nursery and Kindergarten.
  • Teenagers – middle bunk made up of boy and girl campers entering Pre-1.
  • Old ladies – oldest bunk made up of girl campers entering 1st and 2nd grade.
  • Senior Citizens – As of now not yet, but who knows ;-)…  Keep checking back.

How many weeks is full summer? And will there be an additional 7th week?

6 weeks. We will most probably offer an 7th week. Stay tuned.

What type of security measures do we take to ensure the safety of your child? 

We have a certified security guard on the premises during camp hours.

What time is drop off and pickup?

Drop off

Monday – Friday:   9:05 – 9:15am


Monday  – Thursday:   3:05 – 3:15pm

Friday:   1:05 – 1:15pm

What is the carpool line procedure?

All drop offs and pick ups are to be done via the alley behind camp. Enter from Oakwood Ave. and drive towards Rosewood Ave. down the alley. A counselor will be there to assist your camper out of the car.

For pick ups, please wait patiently in your car until you are in the “Carpool Zone”. Once in the “Carpool Zone”, text the name(s) of the camper(s) you are picking up to the number that will be given to you at the time of registration. A counselor will then bring your camper(s) to your vehicle.

What form of transportation do the campers use for field trips?

Licensed and insured busing.

Are there any days off?

Yes. All legal and Jewish holidays (July 4th, Shiva Asar B’tamuz and Tisha B’Av).

Does my child have to be potty trained?


What do I need to send each day with my child?

Lunch, snacks, plenty of drinks, bathing suit, sunscreen and a towel. Old Ladies must also bring a siddur.

Do you accept credit card?


Are there any discounts?

Yes! Register by April 15th to take advantage of our early bird rates and save $100.